Missing Humanity – Subject To Cogitate


Looking through the daily news over these recent years, it really pinched me to pause and  a sudden deep worry  gets revolved around me and there I felt a serious slip of humanity from the deliberate hands of so called humans.

Yes, I am concerned about the humiliating and felony act of evil minded people who recently sexually assaulted a woman and murdered a 9-month baby after throwing her out of autorickshaw;

It may sound you horrific, very impossible and disgusting like some nightmares obsessly turn to reality when the limit of cruelty has crossed the limit after the allegedly rape of a 28-day-old baby by a 25-year old man, similar mishappenings like fathers abusing their daughters, angry young man throwing acids at their victim just because they refused their advantages people killing each other in road rage; selling out organs and killing the patients by top rankers of human society-. Doctors.

Is this what humanity has come to….?

It’s very unfortunate that air in the land of saints and spirituality has completely turned up to form the land of demons wherein such shameless and heinous acts are becoming common and we are loosing the sense of benevolence.

Everything worse you can imagine, right now and then to one it is happening right now, somewhere in India.

So what has happened to this holy land? Is that the golden era of our spiritualism over? As far as I see today, the Western countries because of their strong laws, discipline and order are more spiritual than India. It’s very unpleasant  to admit that it  would be a blatant lie to claim that India is more spiritual than the west.

I must say that  we are getting very loosely maintenance over law and orders now a days also I wonder how and why people lost the sense of fear doing such activities even after punishing them to death sentence like nirbhaya case culprits are punished.

Is it that the criminals are taking leverage of the slow process of our judiciary system or should it adopt the cruel punishing rules from that of other countries they do?

Whatever be it the reason of continuous illhuman activities, it would be a dumb trick to waste time and let’s just talk about its remedies.

Going through  every moments of these thoughts, what I actually feel over the mere reason of such activities  is that we are loosing the sense of ethical values. Then and there wherein already various projects of trainings are running as govt. plans, it would be quite good opinion to start training programmes of indian cultures and values through every corners and edges of country to pure the blood of the demons.

Let’s all work together and start awakening ourselves, our children , our neighbours, everyone by all means of efforts and support and prevent all these mishappenings from  repetition.

Let’s revive India again with beautiful values!

16 thoughts on “Missing Humanity – Subject To Cogitate

  1. Wow, this article was eye-opening and alarming. India is such a beautiful country, it’s time for all people, especially women and LGBTQ people, to feel safe living there.

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