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Statue of Unity- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Designed as a memorial to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Statue of Unity is open to tourists from 9 am. Located in Gujarat’s Narmada district, the world’s tallest statue (about 600 feet), is just 3.5 km away from Kevadia town and
November 23, 2018 , by
Narendra Modi, a powerful leader in the world
Nearly 7.5 billion people live on the earth among them, 75 people as enlisted in Forbes make the world turn whose actions mean the most. Mr. Narender Modi, honorable Prime minister of India stands at the 9th position leaving behind
November 17, 2018 , by
Asian Games 2018, Neeraj Chopra Wins Gold In Javelin Throw
Reigning Asian champion Neeraj Chopra created a new national record on his way to the men’s javelin gold at the 18th Asian Games. Neeraj threw 88.06 metres in his third attempt to clinch the gold. Shivpal Singh, the other Indian
August 28, 2018 , by

Syria War: More than 1000 killed included 300 innocent children
A country stands to be founding member of UN meant to join it for international peace and humanitarian is tending towards breaking all its principles and its own country is at the stake of huge violence to catastrophic level. The
March 3, 2018 , by
Tallest and Wonderful Waterfalls In The World
Tallest Waterfalls In The World You won’t believe how high the worlds tallest waterfalls are. Whether out of curiosity or scientific rigor, people have always tried to measure the heights of the worlds waterfalls but have found it difficult to
February 15, 2018 , by
10 Cool Facts About The Bermuda Triangle
Cool Facts About The Bermuda Triangle The triangle didn’t grab public attention, however, until 1918. This was when the USS Cyclops sank with 300 men on board. It didn’t send an SOS, and the ship was never found. President Woodrow
December 22, 2017 , by

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