A Bus Conductor to millions life saver- An inspirational story.

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Now a days we are running so fast to earn livelihood that we hardly care about the calamity to swarm around which might be at its utmost level to destroy every a single life. Our lifestyle has its mere affects on environment that with increasing harmful pollutants into air, water and soil has enormously disrupted the things, affecting health of living creatures so vigorously that it would take tons of efforts and hundreds of years to ponder to improve upon.


But taking an initiative out of billions of population, we have an ordinary man who is serving nature by planting not one but 3 lakh trees in last 30 years across 32 districts of Tamil Nadu.

As a bus conductor, M. Yoganathan hailing from Coimbatore with such kindness towards environment and future of generations, has been working out of his way to effort alot in persuing his tasks. Because of him many creatures are living or we can undoubtedly say him a millions life saver when words are least to praise his contributions to society.
Enormous count out of one’s hectic schedule is really a matter of applause when a bus conductor hardly enough to spend 40% of his earnings for siblings, plantation and educating children wherein he visited over 3,000 schools across the state in a bid to organise plantation drives and create awareness. He ensures that every sapling planted by a school student is named after him/her and receives sufficient nurturing. Serving nature for 3 decades has really made proud to confer him with Awards and honours such as Eco Warrior Award, a State Environment Department Award, a CNN-IBN Real Heroes Award, and a Periyar Award and Government of Tamil Nadu has conferred on him the tiltle Suttru Suzhal Sevai Veerar Award.

When millions of people in the verge of violating supreme court law( Article 21) banning use of fireworks to avoid using fireworks for causing health hazards of billions. People are making it non-secular aspecta or may be out of egoism and not caring about their lives have been polluting environment severely rising the pollution index to peak it’s maximum.
Friends, no idea when would we understand the necessity of clean environment. It’s time to wake up and get inspiration from such people like Yoganathan that we must care about our society and nature.
Unsurprisingly I regret to admit that, this time Ignorance could be carlisle and never be blissful.

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